Episode 158: St. Lucia

If you are looking for a beach vacation with the perfect mix of relaxation and activities, with friendly locals and romantic resorts, look no further than St. Lucia. Known for it’s lush landscapes and the Piton mountains, this Eastern Caribbean island has something to offer everyone. Sandy recently returned from visiting the 3 Sandals resorts on St. Lucia and she has a lot to tell us!

Episode 157: Italy and The Cinque Terre

The Italian Riviera is not short of rugged coastline or romantic towns and villages, but the five fishing communities of the Cinque Terre are its most iconic highlight. The villages are no longer the isolated hamlets they once were, but there’s still a feeling of remote authenticity, with few roads, perfectly preserved architecture and a network of stunning coastal and mountain trails.
Cinque Terre, which means Five Lands in Italian, comprise the five small, coastal villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.  These are the types of villages to take in slowly, whether by trail, boat, or train, and all the villages are known for their beauty you’d probably recognize in travel photos and ads.  Learn all about these very popular villages. Have you been to the Cinque Terre?

Episode 156: Nice and the South of France

The French Riviera (or Côte d’Azur) is the Mediterranean coast of southeastern France. It includes famously glamorous beach resorts such as Saint-Tropez and Cannes, and the independent microstate of Monaco. A health retreat in the 18th century, the area later attracted aristocrats, artists and the 1960s “jet set.” Today it’s an established holiday destination, with paths connecting many coastal villages and towns. Heidi was recently in Nice, with day trips to Monaco and some perched villages on the Mediterranean, and found it to be a laid-back, easy to navigate region with much to offer travelers. We’re excited to learn about this area!

Episode 155: Ghostly Tourism

Ghost tourism is its own cottage industry that stretches from coast to coast. From San Diego’s Whaley House, home of the city’s first public gallows, to Pennsylvania’s Eastern State Penitentiary, to the incredibly haunted city of New Orleans, there is no shortage of ghostly tours throughout the year throughout the USA. These tours offer a safe form of danger, a chance to be frightened in a controlled environment run by “hauntrepreneurs” in an industry estimated at $300 million a year. We here at Outlander have participated in a shocking number of these events, so let’s get started discussing the creepy…just in time for Halloween!

Episode 154: Luggage Smarts

OK!  So you booked this fantastic long haul trip for over 2 weeks and now the hard part comes.  How do I pack for such a long trip without having to take the kitchen sink on your trip?  Recently, Lindsey and Heidi both went on extensive trips and had to economize their suitcases by balancing what to bring and how it would fit.  Today, we will get some insight on how they did that and what that meant for their comfort levels while traveling.

Episode 153: Disneyland Paris

Last week we talked with Lindsay about her trip to Scotland. This week we’re keeping her on that side of the pond because she also made a stop at Disneyland Paris. Since Elizabeth was also there recently with her family we thought we’d talk to them about how it’s different than the US parks, and how it might be the same. Have you been to Disneyland Paris? What did you enjoy most?

Episode 152: Scotland

Last week on our podcast, we talked about our Outlander Tour of Ireland. Well, Lindsay extended her trip into a Grand Adventure that included an extended stay in Scotland and she’s here to tell us all about it. Why Scotland? What was her favorite place? Listen in and find out all about this amazingly beautiful destination.

Episode 151: Ireland

Recently, Outlander Travel led a group trip to Ireland in celebration of five years in business. Elizabeth and Lindsay led a group of their clients around the country with a driver/guide and are excited to tell you all about this amazing trip!

Episode 150: Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a popular resort area in the Dominican Republic known for its gorgeous beaches and fun resorts. Recently Outlander agent Robin was able to visit and she got to tour 10 resorts in 2 day! (See, we told you our trips are hard work!) We’re anxious to hear about all of them, so let’s get started! Have you been to Punta Cana?

Episode 149: What’s New at Disneyland?

Last week we were thrilled to bring you all of the new announcements that were revealed for Disney Parks at this year’s D23 fan convention. Well, there are some exciting things at Disneyland that are already going on. Outlander agent Robin and her family were able to experience the new stuff this summer, so we wanted to ask her what she thought. What do YOU think of Disneyland?