Episode 163: Introducing Anna!

Every now and again, we like to introduce you to one of Outlander Travel’s amazingly talented and knowledgeable agents. We have seen quite a bit of growth this year, so over the next few weeks, you will hear from some of our newer agents and learn what brought them to the industry and what sorts of vacations they can help you plan. Today, we are excited to welcome one of our newest Disney-focused agents, Anna! Hi, Anna!
Anna has always enjoyed traveling. Since she can remember, annual family vacations were always very important. These trips consisted mostly of visits to the North and South Carolina Coasts but have included some trips to New York, California, Disneyland ®  and numerous trips to Walt Disney World ®.  Since having children of her own she has developed a passion for not only visiting Walt Disney World ®  but for planning trips there as well. After planning multiple trips of her own and assisting friends and family with their trips, she has decided to make a career of travel planning. Anna loves traveling with her husband and three children, values the importance of family vacations and the lasting memories they create.

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