Episode 128: Carnival Vista

Carnival Cruise Lines has recently launched their most innovative ship yet – the Vista! Named for it’s sweeping ocean views, Carnival really upped the ante with this ship. Outlander agent Robin and her family recently returned from a 7 night cruise on the Vista, so we wanted to get her first hand experience.
Have you cruised before? Tell us your impressions!

Episode 127: What Can You Get for $5K?

One of our most popular podcasts was when we were challenged to find great vacations for $3,000 or less. We had fun picking out different vacation scenarios to fit all different types of travelers. Well, this week we’ve upped the limit to $5,000 and each agent on the podcast brings her best suggestion!
What vacation can we make happen for you? Listen up for some inspiration!

Episode 126: Musical Road Trips

We all have our favorite playlist our “Traveling Music” the “soundtracks to our lives and all the adventures within.”  In an article on traveler.com, the writer says, “music and travel go together like beach sunsets and pina coladas. Music is an essential part of the travel experience, whether you excitedly make playlists or burn CDs for a road trip, or just soak up the sounds around you when you are on holiday.”

We thought this might be a great jumping off place for us to explore all the ways your next vacation or  weekend  getaway can include  travel and music and to get you dreaming about  your  own musical adventure.
Have you taken a musical adventure vacation? Do tell!

Episode 125: Universal Orlando Resort

While it may not surprise you to hear that recently several Outlander Travel Agents headed down to Florida for a little Theme Park Fun, it may surprise you to hear that it was not to Walt Disney World. This week we want to share with you all of the fun & excitement we had on our most recent adventure to Universal Orlando Resort!
Have you been to Universal Orlando? If not, we can make that happen!

Episode 124: Introducing Donna May

This week we’re excited to introduce Outlander Travel’s newest agent – Donna May!
Donna got bitten by the travel bug in high school while attending several Girl Scout Wider Opportunities. Those are opportunities for older Girl Scouts to travel to other parts of the country and the world to learn about the culture and environment of different areas. Growing up in San Antonio, TX, Donna was immersed in a multicultural community and learned appreciation for the differences of many cultures. When she met her husband, Jeffrey, she again was able to travel to foreign lands and experience other places. From all over the US to the Caribbean to parts of Europe, she loves helping families plan trips to dream destinations or just around the corner.

Episode 123: When Is It Worth It to Upgrade?

Some people think using a travel agent is all about finding the best “deal” out there, or the cheapest travel package. Actually, one of the greatest services your agent can provide is showing you how to get the best value for your trip. Tonight we want to talk about when it might be worth it to splurge a little more on your trip to make the experience better. When is it worth it to upgrade? We’ve got some great suggestions for you, so listen up!

Episode 122: Introducing Andi Linder

Andi Linder is new to the Outlander Travel team and the travel business as a whole.  She has worked in several aspects of creating the perfect wedding day by creating lovely wedding cupcakes and designing dream wedding rings, but realized that she loved helping couples dream up the perfect proposal or honeymoon trip even more. Listen in and learn a bit about Andi!

Episode 121: European Christmas Markets

European Christmas markets have a history that goes back to the late Middle Ages. It’s hard not to get into a festive mood with hearty, comforting food that warms your body and soul, the cheerful and lively atmosphere in the market squares, and the fairy tale surroundings (often majestic cathedrals or city halls serving as backdrops in a town that seems to have halted in time). Our guest today is a not only a librarian and the amazing virtual assistant and podcast editor of our agency but a savvy well seasoned traveler. This past christmas Heidi and her husband Luis journeyed one more time to soak up, revel in and explore the magic of the Christmas markets of Europe that made her fall in love with the season all over again. In all, she  has visited  markets in 14 cities spanning 6 countries (photo is Prague,  market in Old Town Square).
Have you been to a Christmas market in Europe? Share your experience!

Episode 120: Sandals Royal Bahamian

This week we are excited to talk with Sandy & Lindsay about their recent visit to Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island. This Luxury Included All Inclusive is located on the white sandy beaches of Delaport Bay in Nassau, Bahamas, just a quick 15-minute shuttle ride away from the airport. This beautiful resort is adults only, and was designed with couples in mind.

Have you been to the Bahamas? A Sandals resort? Do tell!

Episode 119: Central Florida Attractions

We are all familiar with Florida and it’s many theme park attractions, but we often overlook the other gems that it has to offer. For example, did you know that the #1 rated beach in the US on Trip Advisor is Clearwater Beach? Or that you can stay in an Adventure themed room at the Legoland Resort? There are some great places to explore that are less than a 2 hour drive when you’re flying to Orlando, so why not add on a little side trip next time? This week we’d like to highlight some of the great places to visit in Central Florida and the Tampa/St. Petersburg area!

Do you LOVE Central Florida? What is your favorite place to visit there?